About Us

OUR MISSION: to help provide basic needs, alleviate suffering, and improve the health and well-being of western Nevada County residents with an emphasis on the young and the old.

Sorting donations, 1958.

A Brief History

The twin cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City were born in the boom days of the California Gold Rush. Sadly, many of those who journeyed west did not strike it rich. The Grass Valley Ladies Relief Society came into being in 1873 when Luisa Coleman, whose husband owned the highly profitable Idaho Maryland Mine, declared she could not enjoy her holiday dinner knowing there were some who could not afford food for their tables. On November 6th of that year, she and 32 other women banded together to form the Grass Valley Ladies Benevolent Society.  Their purpose was to render service to those in distress. Three years later, the legislature of the State of California officially recognized the group as a charitable organization.  They received both a grant of one thousand dollars and a new name, the Grass Valley Ladies Relief Society. The reason for the name change remains mysterious, but the tradition of local women aiding members of our community who find themselves in need continues to the present. 

Continuing the Tradition

We are well into our second century serving our community by helping local families. 

Our funding depends entirely on the generosity of society members, individuals, service clubs and organizations through cash donations and bequests. We neither seek nor accept funds from government sources.

  • We have no paid employees or board members.
  • All monies donated to our organization remain within Nevada County.